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Slide notes: The Human Skills planning reports are 'date range' based and will only report on Events that have been assigned a Start Date.




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Slide notes: We can perform the Skills Planning report by Works Order to see the Skills assigned to each Works Order.




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Slide notes: And we can select the Date Range for the Report result, i.e. by Event Start Date.




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Slide notes: This is an example of the Report, and it shows Skills assignment by Works Order.




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Slide notes: We can also perform the Skills Planning Report by Person.




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Slide notes: And again, we can select the date range for Events to be included.




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Slide notes: The 'Skills Assignment by Person' Report will show for each Person assigned, the total hours per Works Order, and also the total Hours per Date, so if a Person is over-assigned for any Date, then it will be clearly shown here.




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