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Slide notes: My Companion is a useful function that provides each User an opportunity to maintain a list of favorite options that are ever present wherever the User is busy working, and any favorite option can be entered from anywhere in the system without having to navigate the menus.




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Slide notes: There are a number of entry points for Companion, and it is also available with a right-click on any screen.




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Slide notes: Companion has a list of Standard Options that are the same for all Users, and any of these options can be performed by choosing it.




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Slide notes: Then Companion also has a Favorites Section that is different for each User. In other words, whichever options the User wants to list here can be maintained for the User, and then these favorite options can be executed from anywhere in the system.




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Slide notes: Whenever we wish to execute a favorite option, we can just select the Favorites icon, from any screen.




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Slide notes: And then select the option from the list.




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Slide notes: To maintain our list of favorite options, we just open 'My Companion' and choose 'Organize Companion'.




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Slide notes: We can then add new favorites, remove options, edit options to put our own preferred descriptions, and we can also select the order in which the favorite options will be listed.




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Slide notes: Companion is a very productive and useful tool for the IES User.