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We will now look at the listing Options on the Policy Master that will give us lists of Active Policies, Pending Policies and cancelled Policies.


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Starting with the Active Policies, this list will include all Policies on the Policy Master, that are in the Active state and of course this Report Support Versions.

So we can quickly and easily make changes to the Report if we want to include additional information in the content.


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This is an example of the Active Policies listing.


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Pending Policies will usually be those Policies where we have done a 1st quote, or we are at some other stage, before the Policy is actually issued and becomes Active.

So this is a useful Report to follow up on Policies that are in the Pending state.


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And of course, Cancelled Policies would include Policies that have never become Active, i.e. they went from Pending straight to Cancelled because they were not Issued and then became Inactive. It would also include Policies that have been Active but have now come to End of Term and have become Cancelled.