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We are now going to look at the Report for “Gross Written Premium” which is based on the Policy Master.

We can also get this information from the Ledger and from the Fee Earner and Insurer AP Creditor Accounts.

But in this instance the Report will give us this information as collated from the Policy Master.


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The 1st step highlights the fact that the Written Premium Report is based on a Date Range that we will select and it shows Gross Written Premium, Commission Earned and Net Written Premium, by Currency and by Fee Earner.


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Here we select the “Date From” and also the “Date To”.


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And this is the kind of Information that we will get on this Report by Policy Number.

We can see Gross Written Premium, Commission on that Premium,the Net Written Premium and also the Connected Insurance Account.


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Then we have the Currency and of course we have Sub Totals by Currency. So if we work in different Currencies, then we do have a Total for each Currency.


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We also have Sub Totals by Fee Earner.


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