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In this session we are going to look at Premiums Raised from the Policy perspective, i.e. from the Policy Master Record.  Here we can see Premiums that have been raised and also if they have been Collected yet, or not.


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Once we are on the Policy Master Record, we choose the “Raised Premium” function.


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Here we can see each and every Premium that has been raised on this particular Policy.

In the “Paid” column it says, “Yes”. Then we know we have already Collected that particular Premium.


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If we dbl click on a Premium in any other column, then we will have the opportunity to Reverse the Premium.

We will look at the Reversal Option in another Tutorial.


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To Drill into the Premium Transaction, we can simply dbl click on the Transaction Key in the Transaction column.


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We can also visit the linked Receivable or Debtor Account for this Policy.


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