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IES Knowledge Base: SERVICE JOBS (Job Cards)



Example from start to finish View



Diary, Appointments, Tasks View


Operational Privileges of the User

Profiles View
Delegation View
Rule Sheet Templates View


Customer Instruction and Integration

Customer Directives - pre Job View
Customer Directives - from the Job console View
CRM View


Financial Control

Deposits and Pre Payments View
Cash Advance, Cash Return, Vouchers View
Charge Sheet View
Cost Budget Sheet View
Settlement and Re-Charge View
Margin View
Performance View


Content and Inclusions

Bill of Materials View
Purchase Orders View
Cost Types View
Services Items in the Catalog View
Single Stock Issue View
Multi Stock Issue View
Stock Returns View
Multi Charge View
Corrections and Reversals View



Quotation View
Invoice View
Statement View


Job Cycle

New Job View
Query Job View
List Jobs View
Drill View
Closing the Job View
Re-open Job View